Instagram is the one of the best creaitions. Instagram in a phone application that allows you to take a picture and then apply a filter to the picture you have just taken. There are eighteen possible filters you can use to add that little something extra and special to your photograph. For example, there are filters that turn the photograph black and white and others that make the photograph darker or lighter. Instagram allows you to create a photograph that strikes emotion through the use of art and color.

You snap the photograph but then you have the ability to create and change the photograph in any way you would like. You create the end result of the photograph. Instagram allows you to take an ordinary picture and turn it into a piece of art.

The filters enhance the photograph immensely if the right filter is used. For example, the photographs shown below are the before and after shots. The original photograph on the left is just an ordinary picture, pretty, but nothing special. However, after applying an Instagram filter to the photograph, the image is now more appealing, the lighting is incredible and the artistic twist behind the photograph is intriguing. It makes the photograph “pop”. The color highlights every detail of the photograph, in a positive way. This does not even look like the same photograph. One is dull and boring and the other is vibrant and captivating. I use an Instagram filter on almost all my pictures because they make everything and everyone look more attractive. The photographs with the filters catch people’s eye.

The Instagram application allows you to follow others and their photographs. If one of your followers likes the photograph you have shared, they can let you know by “liking” the photograph, similar to Facebook. There is great excitement in sharing a photograph and waiting to see how many “likes” you get on your picture. You can also leave comments on a friend’s photograph which are always fun to read. You can share your Instagram photo on Facebook or Twitter in order for more people to see it.

Another benefit of Instagram is that when you share a photograph, you have the opportunity to leave a caption and insert Emojis, talking about the photo. This way your followers know what the picture is and its significance.

The best part about Instagram, IT’S FREE, making it that much more appealing and accessible.

Instagram was one of the best creations and it has enhanced my photographs greatly. I am so thankful for this application and allowing me to share better and more attractive photos with my friends and family.

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