Multimedia Report- Israel Under Attack

Our world is under attack. On November 14, 2012, an Israeli airstrike blew up the car that was carrying Ahmed al-Ja’abari, commander of the Hamas military wing in Gaza. Up until this point, there has been relative peace between Israel and Gaza since 2008 when Israel staged a full-scaled attack on Gaza during a three week conflict.

Hamas, a terrorist organization, has governed Gaza since 2007. The issue of conflict between Gaza and Israel is that Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Hamas believes that this world will be a better place if there is “death to the Jews and America”. Similarly, Hitler believed the world would be a better place without the Jewish people and was successful in killing 6 million Jewish people. Over one million Jewish children, three million Jewish men and two million Jewish women were killed in the Holocaust. He was temporarily successful in accomplishing his goals to eradicate the Jewish people, although he did not win the war. The Holocaust survivors, their children, and grandchildren are constantly fighting to hold onto the one positive thing that came as a result of the Holocaust, the Jewish State of Israel. The Jewish people won the war, not Hitler. They are still around today, fighting to keep the religion, the Jewish people and the Jewish traditions alive. Israel is the one place the Jewish people can call home and considering the Jewish people’s history, it is no wonder Israel is quick to defend their state and their citizens.

The State of Israel is still very young, seeing as it was established in 1948. Since it was established, there has been continuous disputes between Israel and its neighboring countries. Israel is surrounded by all these countries that hate them such as Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen. Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty, although many Egyptians still consider Israel to be an enemy country. Unfortunately Israel’s enemy countries are much bigger in size than is Israel. However, Israel’s small size has never been an problem. She may be small but they are mighty and forceful due to their emphasis on education and military defense.

Israel never makes a move without great consideration and thought. Since they are surrounded by countries that all hate Israel, every move Israel makes must be planned out and have a purpose. Therefore, the attack on Ahmed al-Ja’abari, commander of the Hamas military wing in Gaza was not something that just randomly occurred. It is easy to assume that Israel had been planning this attack for a great amount of time before it happened. This man openly shared his hatred for the land of Israel and how he wants Israel to no longer exist. Israel would be foolish not to take this man out of power. So many people stood idly by during the Holocaust and did nothing to save the Jewish people being killed, but Israel, the United States and all the Jewish people will never let this happen again. In order to keep the State of Israel safe and alive, Israel had no choice but to kill this man. If there is concrete evidence that you are a threat to Israel, it can be assumed that Israel will take action and quietly, yet effectively destroy you.

Following the attack on the Hamas commander, top Hamas terrorist Ismail al-Ashkar said “The resistance’s options are now open and they include suicide attacks and quality attacks in Israel cities”. Hamas has stayed true to their word. In the last four days, 544 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel and 302 rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome. 846 rockets have been fired at Israel in total.

15 seconds is not enough. No one should have to live with this kind of fear.

Sadly, these attacks are nothing new for Israel since they are always living under some sort of threats or attacks, however that does not mean that this is acceptable. It is disgusting that people cannot leave Israel alone and live in peace. Benjamin Netanyahu accurately describes the situation between Gaza and Israel by declaring, “If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel.” This statement could not hold more truth. Israel does not want war. They are only fighting in this to defend themselves from others. If they do not fight back, Israel will cease to exist.

Israel has the right to protect its citizens and President Obama agrees.

In contrast, the woman in this video is worried about the effects of the attacks on her loved ones, however she is one of the few to disagree with how Israel went about handling this situation. Most everyone else is fully supportive of Israel and their actions to protect the State of Israel.

The only positive thing that has come as a result of these attacks is the fact that the truth about Hamas and Gaza has come out. Gaza’s true character has been shown in the past few days since the attacks began.

Gaza fights out of hatred and the want for the destruction of Israel. Whereas, Israel on the other hand will do everything and anything to protect its citizens. They fight to protect themselves, but if they were not under attack, there would be no war. Israel respects human life unlike Hamas.

The Israeli Defense Force soldiers are putting their lives on the line every day in order to protect their country and the Jewish people. Their hard work, bravery and dedication does not go unnoticed. We appreciate all that you do and pray that you come home safe and sound. Thank you for keeping the State of Israel alive.

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Israel is such a special and beautiful place for the Jewish people. It is home. Please do not stand idly by and watch this happen. Israel needs all the support they can get!

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