Politics 2.0 Helped Obama Win Office, Again

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Politicians have now turned to social medias as a way to stay connected with their followers while at the same time promoting themselves and their beliefs. I personally believe that the use of Web 2.0 helped Obama get re-elected for the next four years.

Obama and his team of advisers were brilliant when turning to Twitter in order to gain supporters and followers. Throughout his recent campaign, Obama would tweet pictures of himself on the road, meeting with citizens and speaking at rallies.  This allowed his followers to get to know him on a more personal level and view him in a less formal way. I am personally not into politics and find them very boring. I have been this way ever since I was a young girl. I would much rather spend my free time learning about something medical than reading about politics. However, for the 2012 elections that were just held, I found myself listening to the news more, reading what others had to say on Twitter and for the first time I was very strong in my opinion about who I wanted to be the next President of the United States.

Obama has a wonderful way of reaching all of his followers and treating everyone equally. He is a people person and such a genuine man. This is what I love so much about him. Since I do not get much pleasure from reading articles about politics, I decided to follow Obama on Twitter since there are only so many characters you can write in one tweet. I personally was going to re-elect President Obama from day one, although by following him on Twitter, I fell even more in love with him and my support for him grew immensely.

Obama would tweet about his personal views and hopes and dreams for the country. He would post pictures that compared and contrasted his own views with Romney’s views. He was covering all of his grounds in using all types of media to get his messages across to all his different followers, not just one specific group of people. Twitter was how he caught my attention. He shared his views in a few short sentences and that was great for me since I got to understand what he believes in and what his plans are for the United States, without having to read a long, boring article. I know what he stands for and what policies he supports. I may not be able to explain it to you in as much detail as my Mom who listens to the radio to learn about politics, but I know the basics and that is enough for my personal taste.

I also love following Obama on Twitter because I can read people’s comments and it allows Obama the opportunity to interact with his country and his followers. Reading his responses to people and seeing what my fellow US citizens had to say about him was the reason I wanted him to be re-elected. He reaches out to all kinds of people and treats everyone equally. He sticks to his word and is such an inspirational speaker.

It was through the use of Twitter and social media that I learned that Obama coaches his daughter’s basketball teams. He is the President of the United States and has more on his plate than one can even imagine, yet he makes time to be a typical dad. He is such a family man, unlike any other president before him. He is so in love with his wife and is raising his kids the way I was raised. He protects them for obvious reasons but he explained that he wants his kids to go to the mall with their friends and their homecoming dances. Their family is the ideal American family. They lead by such great example and project such a positive and healthy family unit to the rest of the world. This is the kind of man I want leading my country. In fact, the picture posted on Twitter posted of Obama and Michelle hugging as he learned the news that he was re-elected for another four years, was the most re-tweeted tweet in history.

On the day of the election, Obama was tweeting almost every two minutes to connect with his followers on Twitter. Out of all the things he had to do and worry about, tweeting should have been the last thing on his mind. Although, it wasn’t, because he cares about the people of his country and wants everyone’s voice to be heard. To me, this shows his true character. He wants everyone to have the equal opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas to him through Twitter and connect with him. He promoted himself on Twitter but also used it to talk to his supporters. It was a brilliant combination that I personally believe helped him get re-elected.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, my generation got very involved in the election and were posting comments about both candidates. It was blowing up my news feeds, but I was so happy to see that my generation cares about something. Social media is something that especially the younger generation can relate to, so by the candidates tapping into these types of social media, they caught our attention and got us to be involved through a form of communication we all love. Social media is a wonderful way to connect with others and share ideas and it is changing our world. Without the use of social networking, I am not sure that I would have been as intrigued, passionate and informed about the 2012 election.

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