WARNING: Pinterest is highly addictive!

Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows you to assign certain pictures to a categorized pin board. This website allows you to create theme-based image collections according to your interests. For example, I have a clothing, jewelry and shoe board, as well as a travel and houses board. In addition, I have a makeup and hair board, and a quotes board. I can search specific categorized pins or I can search random and general pins. If I like a photo, I can repin it and add it to one of my own collection boards. People can follow others on Pinterest and see what photos they have repinned. Pinterest also allows you to “like” a photo. Pinterest is a great way to connect people through the things they find interesting.

Personally, I find Pinterest very addicting. I spend hours on the website looking through photos and gaining inspiration. My favorite category to search is the women’s clothing. I search through the pictures and find photos that appeal to my clothing taste. I often times then try to regenerate the clothing outfits I find attractive. I also enjoy browsing through the hair and makeup board to find new ideas on how to do my makeup and hair.

I love looking through the food, travel, wedding photos, and quotes as well. Many times I will find an amazing looking dish and send theĀ receipt to my mom and my sister. Also, many places on my dream list of destinations I want to travel were inspired from the photos I found on Pinterest. As girls, we start planning our wedding from a very young age, so it makes sense that I have a wedding/love board. I am a hopeless romantic and love planning my fantasy wedding on Pinterest. I am also a quotes person. I love the impact and emotion that can come from a simple few words. Every now and then when I need a pick-me-up, I go through my quotes board for some words of wisdom.

I often times find that women use Pinterest more than men. My male friends are either unaware of this website, or if they know what it is, they have no interest in creating an account. According to statistics, 83% of United States users are women. Girls find fascination in small, cute things. I feel that Pinterest is the equivalent to sports and car websites for men. On one website, we can find almost everything that interests us and choose to repin photos according to our own preferences. I think that this website is not as appealing to men because they do not find the same pleasure from browsing through categorized photos.

I strongly suggest checking out the website, pinterest.com.

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