What is social network?

A social network is any site that allows you to connect directly with other people and network. There are different kinds of social networks. There is professional networking, chat/ inform networking, all at the same time networking, collaborative networking and content networking. The following contains examples of each kind of social network.

  • Professional networking: Linkedin
  • Chat/inform networking: Twitter
  • All at the same time networking: Facebook and Google+
  • Collaborative networking: Wikipedia and Google Docs
  • Content networking: Youtube, MySpace, Spotify, Dropbox, Flickr and Picassa6 or 7 years ago, the most popular social network was MySpace. Today, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with Twitter following close behind. Microblogging is the use of Twitter. Twitter is used to inform, promote your work, re-tweet and share someone else’s knowledge, perform interviews, get in touch with people, and for fun and personal enjoyment. You can post quotes on Twitter, re-tweet someones post, send direct messages to people, follow trending topics and use hashtags to express yourself. Twitter posts are listed in reverse chronological order. You can tweet a message with up to 140 characters.Social networking is changing the world everyday by allowing others to communicate and share knowledge with others.

I personally use Twitter for fun and entertainment, as well as to be informed. I do not tweet, however I follow those that do. I originally got a Twitter just so I could follow celebrities. I love seeing the photographs they post and the tweets they broadcast. I feel like I get to know the celebrity on a personal level. Whenever I need a break from reality, I open my Twitter to see what my favorite celebrities have posted since I last looked. Although it sounds crazy, I am fascinated and intrigued by what they do and what they have to say. It keeps me entertained. Also, as mentioned earlier, I also use Twitter for informative purposes. I follow new channels such as CNN for live updated worldly news. I check my Twitter so often that whenever some big news story breaks, I usually know about it within the hour and can read all about what just occurred.

Now, I am a huge Twitter fan. I was hesitant at first to make an account because I did not get the idea and concept behind the website, however now that I have a Twitter account, I cannot imagine what I would do without Twitter. #twitter #addicted #love #informative #fun #news #celebrities

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