Sitges beach


This past weekend my friends and I took a day trip to Sitges beach. We lucked out on weather. It was a beautifully sunny day! Sitges is a small, cozy town. It was about a 30 minute train ride from Barcelona to Sitges. We spent the whole day relaxing on the beach. The beach there was very different than the one in Barcelona. People at the Sitges beach kept to themselves and were very quiet. It was a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. In contrast, at the Barcelona beach, there were tons of people talking and it was loud and noisy. Both beaches were filled with people. At the Sitges beach, people would come up to you and offer you a massage. At the Barcelona beach, people come up to you and offer you all different kinds of alcoholic beverages.

I was shocked by how warm the ocean water is here in Spain. This was a nice change from Los Angeles whose ocean water is rather cold, even in the summer time. The water and weather was so warm in fact that my friends and I decided to try the European concept of going topless at the beach. We were extremely hesitant and scared since this would never be acceptable in the United States, but we decided to go for it. It was such a liberating and freeing experience and something I will always remember.

We then met up with some of out other friends at the beach, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back home to Barcelona on the train. It was a  beautiful day with gorgeous views, lots of fun and memories. I definitely recommend visiting Sitges beach if you have the time.

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