Sagrada Familia light show for La Merce

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La Sagrada Familia is a very well-known Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. La Sagrada Familia was designed by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and it is one of the main sites that attract tourist in Barcelona. It is beautiful for it is unique and intricate. For the La Merce festival in Barcelona, Spain, there was a special light show event held at La Sagrada Familia. It was incredible. There was wordless music playing that correlated to the lights that were being projected onto Sagrada Familia. I was amazed at how well the music fit the colors and lights. The viewers were told a story through the use of music and lights. The show lasted for 10-15 minutes before the large crowd applauded loudly in approval at the end of the show. I can only imagine how much time and work went in to making this event happen.

This light show was one of the many fun and memorable activities that Spain provides for the La Merce festival. If you are going to be in Spain during the La Merce festival, it is definitely worth your while to come to the La Sagrada Familia light show. Get ready to be amazed and wowed!

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