What is blogging?

Blogging differs from personal websites in multiple ways. Blogs grant the publisher the opportunity to interact with their audience. Blogs allow the readers to comment on posts or articles they have read and provide feedback to the publisher or anyone else reading the blog. This can be very helpful for the publisher in improving and enhancing his or her blog. Comments also open the door for possible debate on certain issues, allowing you to understand others opinions and gain a different perspective.

Blogging is very personal. The publisher can post anything they wish. This is great for those who share common interests. For example, my personal blog may be about politics. I can follow others who also write about politics and I can learn from their blog posts, or even re-post some of their articles and discuss my personal opinion about that specific article in my own blog. Blogging allows the publisher to post pictures, videos, podcasts, articles and text all in the same place.

Another great feature of blogs is that they allow for individuality. The publisher has the ability to arrange their page in any way they wish. They are the creator of the appearance. For instance, they choose the background, format and layout of the blog. You can tell a lot about the author of the blog through the appearance of the web page.

All blogs have certain characteristics. They must have posts, comments, a sidebar, hypertext, reverse chronology, and a blogroll. In addition, a blog needs trackbacks, permalink, web syndication, feeds RSS, and folksonomy (categories and tags).

My personal favorite blog is Pinterest. I am addicted to this website. I can spend hours at a time looking at this blog. Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows you to assign certain pictures to a categorized pin board. This website allows you to create theme-based image collections according to your interests. For example, I have a clothing, jewelry and shoe board, as well as a travel and houses board. In addition, I have a makeup and hair board, and a quotes board. I can search specific categorized pins or I can search random and general pins. If I like a photo, I can repin it and add it to one of my own collection boards. People can follow others on Pinterest and see what photos they have repinned. Pinterest also allows you to “like” a photo. Pinterest is a great way to connect people through the things they find interesting.

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