Hello Barcelona!

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain. This whole experience so far has been incredible. From the moment I got off the plane, it has been nonstop, on the go. I was so excited yet terrified to leave home and go to a foreign place where I knew not a soul. Three weeks later I can safely say I had no reason to be scared in the first place. I am meeting great people, going site seeing, and having the time of my life. I live in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in the perfect location. It is a five minute metro ride from my apartment to the main part of town, and a twenty minute walk. I have four other roommates. Two are from Nashville, one is from Long Island and the other is from Washington DC. The two girls from Nashville share a room, and the the girl from Long Island and Washington DC share a room. I lucked out and got my own room and balcony. It is such a gorgeous view from my balcony window. People are always out and about on the street. Barcelona is such a lively and youthful city. It is so full of life and energy and the city is constantly lit up by the vibrant lights. Barcelona is truly the city that never sleeps. I had a huge culture shock when I learned that the locals here eat around 9-11pm and go out on the town at 2-8am. This was one of the many culture shocks I have encountered here in Barcelona. People here greet one another by kissing on the cheeks. In America, we are very unaffectionate. Personally, I love this aspect of the Spanish culture. It is welcoming, sincere, and sweet. Another crazy cultural difference is that in Spain they have to ask for the check and seat themselves in most restaurants. In America, they seat you and bring the check to you. They are much more concerned with customer service in the USA than they are in Spain. The biggest cultural difference between Spain and American is that they work to live, and we live to work. 

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